Learning can be fun and involve the entire family.

While Orlando Science Center develops original STEM-related exhibits, the Science Center also brings in high quality traveling exhibits from prominent museums across the country. This ensures every trip to the Science Center provides challenge-based, problem solving experiences that support STEM learning and career development.

But the learning fun isn’t limited to the four floors of the Science Center. STEM learning can also happen at home, and we can be a great source for those experiments as well. Whether it’s at home, in school or at the Science Center, we really turn learning time into fun time.

 STEM Science Park

You say you’re not a "science person”? That’s okay, many people feel the same way. They’re wrong though, and so are you. Granted, you might not be a physicist or a physician, you might not have even passed biology in middle school. But you are a science person. I know this because you don’t have a choice.

Science is all around us. It might not be as apparent in some places as it is in others, but it is everywhere. Think about the rush of technology and what you have to understand now that you couldn’t fathom before. Or, the advances in medicine that will help us live longer and healthier than we ever dreamed possible. Consider the fact that, not too long ago, a cross-country flight was a big deal. Today, commercial companies are travelling into space.

Think about the questions you ask – or better still, the questions your children ask. Think about the look of amazement in their eyes when they discover something new. The questions that they ask, the way they find the answers, science is right next to you.

As we move further into uncertain times, with no real firm answers in sight, one thing is for sure… science matters and will matter more than ever. Here’s the exciting news though, science is right next to you, asking those questions, exploring new things. And some day, they’ll be the ones with the answers.

So, your science homework for tonight is not to keep science at arm’s length. Embrace it. Set an example for it. After all, you are a science person.

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The Orlando Science Center is dedicated to its mission to inspire science learning for life. Bridging the gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education begins one child at a time.

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