More than 2,000 guests came out to meet filmmaker and storm chaser Sean Casey in a special appearance Saturday and Sunday at Orlando Science Center, and brought the Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) with him!

Casey constructed the seven-ton, armored behemoth to withstand the destructive power of a tornado. He introduced the film he directed and starred in, Tornado Alley, as well as signed autographs, took pictures with guests and conducted question-and-answer sessions after the film showings.

In addition, the WFTV Severe Weather Center 9 Meteorologists interacted with guests at the WFTV Severe Weather Center 9 exhibit, a working replica of the actual set used on WFTV’s weather forecasts. Patrons learned about the weather and even delivered forecasts while family watched them on TV! The team was on site both days for taking photos and signing autographs.

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