The minds of young children are more open to learning than most parents realize. As a result, the positive influence of adults can set the pace of learning for the rest of their academic and professional careers. While educators provide learning opportunities that can lead to academic success, parental involvement is critical to support further development.

A child’s development is influenced by their relationships, the strongest bond being with you, the parent. As the first and primary teacher in their lives it is important to demonstrate your interest in learning to show that you value education. Inspired by your interest and enthusiasm, your child will then bring a more positive learning attitude with them into the classroom, increasing their chances for long-term academic and professional success.

In addition to improving a child’s learning potential, research shows that parental involvement in their children’s education is a key factor in affecting their overall behavior as well as social and emotional development.

All young children deserve a strong foundation. Support your child’s healthy brain development by reading together, participating in educational activities and doing projects together. Learning as a family can benefit both you and your children by creating a supportive learning environment. This allows you to improve your own skills and confidence while enhancing your ability to support your child’s education. Children soak up bits of knowledge from everyday interactions — make sure yours are worth absorbing.

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